What Forest Green Townhomes residents need to know about mold damage from floodwaters

HOUSTON – Forest Green Townhomes in northeast Houston is the third complex that the Houston Housing Authority has to repair due to damages from Hurricane Harvey.

People will have to move out in order for the Houston Housing Authority to muck, gut and repair the townhomes.

“My thoughts are, it's good,” said Marilyn Smith, a Forest Green Townhomes resident. ”They're helping. That's what we need.”

Since Harvey, the HHA has had to repair a total of three complexes. In all, 950 people have to be relocated.  

“The downside would be my kids having to relocate, withdraw from school, the new faces and things,” Smith said.

The HHA said its housing options are dwindling. There was already an affordable housing shortage in Houston and Harvey intensified the problem.

So the HHA reached out to housing authorities across the nation to borrow housing vouchers that Forest Green Townhomes residents could use to pay part of the rent at other apartments. Oklahoma City answered the call. So residents are getting ready to move out, so their homes can be cleaned up.

“You got to do it,” Smith said. “You can't live in mold, mold up to 2 feet in your house.”

Here is what Forest Green Townhomes residents need to know:

1. HHA will be on-site to help people fill out applications.
2. Nearly everyone will qualify for the vouchers.  What disqualifies people is a recent felony or an increase income.
3. Residents will have first priority to return to Forest Green Townhomes once they are repaired.
4. Residents can also remain at their Section 8 housing, if they like they’re new location.
5. HHA will cover moving expenses.

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