Judge agrees to hear case after senior living center tried to force residents out following Harvey

A Harris County judge ruled the case against a senior living facility would be heard next week after a group of seniors asked for a temporary injunction.

Several seniors from 2100 Memorial Senior Living Center stood outside of the courthouse, singing and chanting during a protest against the Houston Housing Authority.

Residents claim they are being bullied and pushed out of their homes, which were not damaged during Hurricane Harvey. They said that only the basements and first floors sustained some damage, but the rest of the homes are fine.

Residents claimed the Houston Housing Authority put up eviction notices and only gave residents five days to find new places to live. The residents filed a temporary injunction to keep them from getting evicted. They said it's not about caring for the senior citizens of the city anymore.

"I believe it's money. It's not about the seniors of Houston, who have been here for decades and decades. I think it's about business," resident Connie Castillo said.

"The Housing Authority does not want to displace anyone, health and safety is a priority," said Sam Lewis, with the Houston Housing Authority. "With the current conditions of the building, we have to determine if it is safe for residents to stay there."

The Houston Housing Authority also sent the following statement to Channel 2:

"Houston Housing Authority is committed to the health and safety of our residents. Many of our properties received damage due to Hurricane Harvey, including 2100 Memorial Senior Living, which made them uninhabitable. We are working with affected residents to swiftly relocate them to safe, clean quality housing."

The case will be heard in a Harris County court Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.