10-year-old boy delivers baby brother, saves his mother's life

SULPHUR, La. – Jayden Fontenot, a 10-year-old from Sulphur, became a hero Aug. 11 when his mother, Ashly Moreau, went into labor with his baby brother at home.

The baby was breached and Moreau, who was 34 weeks into her pregnancy, felt her baby's feet hanging out when she was in the bathroom, not realizing she was in labor.

Jayden ran to his grandmother's house next door, and she then called the police but was unable to help Moreau deliver the baby.

Jayden ran back to his mother, who was lying on the bathroom floor bleeding out when they realized the baby wasn't breathing.

"When he got to the bathroom, he just took a deep breath and said, 'OK mom, just tell me what I need to do,'" Moreau said. "He didn't look scared, he looked calm and brave, and I said, OK, I'm going to tell you what to do and we need to get your brother out as fast as possible because he's breached and he can't breathe.'"

Jayden pulled his little brother out by his legs but the baby was still not breathing and his mother was still bleeding out.

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