Dozens camp for days for rumored Louis Vuitton pop-up store

HOUSTON – More than a hundred people were disappointed Friday when a rumored pop-up store at the Louis Vuitton inside The Galleria did not become a reality.

Some people waited in line for a week. About 10 a.m., they were escorted into the mall five at a time. About 10 minutes later they said there was nothing going on inside the store - just regular sales.

Folks waited all week for a pop-up store where Louis Vuitton sells a limited edition line for a limited time.

The Supreme Brand is known as a skater brand that recently collaborated with Louis Vuitton for limited edition pieces. Some of these pieces can double in price during a pop up store, going anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands.

Many of the customers set up their chairs and stations along West Alabama, waiting for the rumored pop-up store. However, when it turned out not be true many said it was worth it. Others said they didn't want to take the chance that there would be a pop-up sale and leave. Others still said they will just move on to the next sale.

"It was a fun experience," said Rylen Robb, a shopper. "I'm not disappointed whatsoever, but there were no items."

Louis Vuitton regional managers could be heard telling customers there would not be any kind of pop-up store on Friday.

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