Young friends from Houston area killed in Childress crash

KATY, Texas – Two families are in mourning after a tragic crash killed a young Katy woman and Houston man in Childress, Texas, on Monday.

The Department of Public Safety said 23-year-old Dominique Myles and 24-year-old Sebastian Weiskopf died after an 18-wheeler crashed into the back of their Ford Focus.

"She was caring, life of the party, fun and witty," Lorraine Hall said about her daughter. "She was just so friendly and she had a good heart and (was) willing to help anybody she loved and animals."

Hall said Myles, also known as "Domino," was her only biological daughter. Myles attended Beck Junior High School, Seven Lakes High School and the University of Texas of San Antonio. She then became a veterinary technician.

"From the time I remember as a little kid, she collected every possible animal she could have," said Hall.

She said her daughter loved reptiles, especially snakes and lizards.

PHOTOS: Dominique Myles - Katy woman killed in crash

She said Myers was part of a Houston Reptile Association and was working for Briarcrest Veterinary Clinic.

"She went to Colorado with a friend of hers, Sebastian, who she recently became acquainted with," said Hall. "He went there for a shooting training tournament and asked her to go along for the ride for the weekend, so they were returning from Colorado Springs when the accident happened."

The two friends were expected to arrive home either Monday night or early Tuesday morning, but no one had heard from them.

"I texted her in the morning. I got no replies, and that was not like her at all," said Hall. "I went by her place, went by Sebastian's place. Her best friend and everyone was looking for her that day. There was no word from her."

Hall filed a missing persons report and posted it on social media. A day later she would hear the worst news of her life.

"Torture not knowing. I knew, I felt that she was in trouble because she would have contacted one of us," said a tearful Hall.

The Department of Public Safety said before 10 p.m. on U.S. 287 near Kirkland, the two young people pulled over on the two-way highway because of low visibility due to a windstorm that was kicking up sand.

Hall said the 18-wheeler did not see their car and crashed into the Ford Focus, which crashed into a truck in front of it.

"I spoke to this family this morning because she called to send her condolences about Dominique. They were there at the scene. They were involved in the accident. That family is well," said Hall. "They turned around and saw Dominique and Sebastian parked behind them. Within minutes they heard the big bang. The semitruck had come up over the hill and Dominique and Sebastian were pushed into the truck. The truck family went rolling."

The Ford Focus was crushed and burst into flames.

Now, Myles' family and friends just want to hold on to their favorite memories of her.

"Just her smile and laugh. She had an air about her and got everyone's attention and lightened the mood," said Chloe Hart about her best friend of 12 years.

She said Myles and her mother are like a second family to her and that she's going to miss her best friend.

"I keep looking at my phone, waiting to see a Snapchat from her, or having her ask, 'Do you like this outfit?' (Losing) That constant communication is going to be the hardest part," Hart said.

The family is still working on funeral arrangements.

Weiskopf worked as a gun instructor in Houston. He also served in the U.S. Army.

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