2 disturbing incidents caught on camera outside Katy Walmart

HOUSTON – A video recorded by Regina Sandoval of an alleged peeper in progress has a neighborhood on edge.

We blurred faces because neither the woman nor the so-called peeper have been identified by police.

Sandoval said the man was crawling on the ground trying to catch a peep up the woman's skirt.

"Crawling. He was on all fours," she said. "When I saw him he was directly zoned into this lady's skirt, really."

The alleged incident occurred here in the parking lot of the Walmart on N. Fry Road Wednesday.

Since then, another complaint was filed from the same parking lot.

WATCH: Video of man accused of trying to look up woman's skirt

This one was from Gloria Saenz about an incident she said happened Thursday.

Saenz snapped a picture of the car in which she said a man was sitting inside doing inappropriate things while looking at her daughter.

"Nodding at my daughter, smiling at her and masturbating. I grabbed my daughter and started running," Saenz said. "I had 911 ready just in case I needed to call."

Both that photo and Sandoval's video were posted to neighborhood blogs to spread the word for moms to be safe.

"A lot of moms supported me. A lot of moms were talking about safety," Saenz said.

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