House flooded in 2016 collapses during remodel


JERSEY VILLAGE, Texas – A Jersey Village home was destroyed Tuesday after the foundation collapsed while contractors  tried to raise it out of the flood plain.

Contractors said the company Du-West was lifting the foundation of the home on Lakeview Drive and Philippine Street to prevent flooding when it suddenly collapsed, destroying the home.

Officials said the home was flooded during the April 2016 floods and soil under the home shifted, causing the foundation to collapse.

GALLERY: Jersey Village house collapses during remodel

The contractor said one worker was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Officials said they cannot continue to work on the home because it is unsafe. 

Contractor: Jersey Village home "complete loss" after foundation collapsed trying to raise it out of flood plain. 1 worker injured. @KPRC2 pic.twitter.com/aDxJxgMvpL

— Jake Reiner (@JakeKPRC2) May 30, 2017