Pasadena mayor candidate accused of tampering with opponent's campaign sign

HOUSTON – A Pasadena mayoral candidate believes his opponent in a run-off election tampered with at least one of his campaign signs.

Photos obtained by Channel 2 Investigates show candidate Jeff Wagner touching a campaign sign of opponent J.R. Moon.

"It was a mistake. I touched it, it came off, I fixed it," Wagner said.

Wagner said that he had intended to move his own signs because he thought they unfairly blocked his opponent's signs, but could not explain why that required touching Moon's sign.

"Why did you touch his sign at all?" Joel Eisenbaum, Channel 2 investigative reporter, asked.

"I have no early idea. I wish I had an answer for that. I don't," Wagner said.

He said that any allegation that he intended to steal or destroy the sign "ridiculous."

His opponent, J.R. Moon, said one of his campaign volunteers witnessed the incident.

"I have pictures of him with my sign on the ground, taken apart at my feet," Moon said.

Wagner said that the photos were snapped as he was putting the sign back together.

Election Day in Pasadena is June 10.