Cash blows across Pasadena parking lot after bank bag spills

PASADENA, Texas – Melissa Perez grabbed her cellphone and started recording the video.

If you look closely you'll see money blowing around on the ground through a Pasadena parking lot.

Perez was near a Bank of America ATM on Red Bluff Road when she said a man who was filling the machine with cash dropped the bank bag and money went everywhere.

"All of a sudden I just saw money flying everywhere," she said.

Perez said her first instinct was to record video.

Other people stopped to help clean up and pick it up.

[WATCH: Cash blows across Pasadena parking lot]

There were a few people who put some of the money it in their pockets, Perez said.

"There were other people just pulling over and I would see them sneaking money," she claims. "Some people were taking it."

It's unclear how much money blew away and how much was recovered.

It is not clear if anything happened to the people who pocketed some of the cash.

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