Click2Daily: Pasadena sweet shop Brain Freeze serves up extreme treats

PASADENA, Texas – One local ice cream shop is offering up sweet treats like you've never seen before. Brain Freeze Sno-Cones & Snacks brings an entirely new meaning to the word extravagant.

Towering high, the treats are one-of-a-kind creations. Drinks are topped with piles of cotton candy, sno-cones are smothered in candy, and even roasted corn is covered in Hot Cheetos.

PHOTOS: Inside Brain Freeze


KPRC 2 got an exclusive behind the scene tour of the unique shop. Follow along to see how the magic is made!

The bell sounds outside the little Pasadena sweet shop, signaling the start of something spectacular.

"Cool, awesome! Thank you!" one customer said.

They're extraordinary and extravagant. Colossal and captivating.

The little shop started out selling your standard sno-cones.

"Their natural sno-cones are my favorite," one customer said.

But as the years passed and and as the customers grew, so did the creations.

"We do it with love. That's the first thing we do," Manager Mayra Muños said.

With love, and pounds and pounds of candy-coated imagination, the Mason jar magic was created in many different forms.

One of their most popular products is "The Whole Shebang." Rightfully named, the drink starts off with a vanilla milkshake. Then it has mounds and mounds of freshly made cotton candy. Add a lollipop, a few gummies, and if that's not enough, there's two ice cream bars nestled right in the middle.

"It's so big and so colorful, and it has a lot of candy and the ice cream bars," Muños said.

Another favorite is the Mason Mango Swim. Complete with it's very own gummy shark perched on top, it's a mango slush with chile and chamoy mixed in.

Muños said the extent of their creations really comes down to the people on the other side of the window.

"We have to ask them what they like and we do it. If they like this, we do it," Muños said.

If you're in the area, you may want to check it out, but pack your patience especially on the weekend.

"Saturdays, it's crazy, really really crazy," Muños said.

Because like their sign says, "Good things take time."

"Putting the cotton candy. You do it really fast and its pretty fun, decorate with the candies, putting the stars. Like your imagination goes boom," Muños said.

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