Woman claims weight was reason she wasn't hired at Tilted Kilt pub

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LEAGUE CITY, Texas – Tilted Kilt, a new pub and eatery, is opening soon on the Gulf Freeway in League City.

Sarah Brady was hoping to get hired as either a waitress or bartender. She has more than six years of experience in the food service industry and was certain she would get a job.

Brady said she was shocked when she showed up for an interview and workers at the Tilted Kilt turned her away.

"'Thank you for coming in and applying but we've already filled all the positions with more experienced candidates,'" she told KPRC.

Brady believes she was turned away because of her weight.

"I was really mad. I knew it was probably because I did not portray the brand image they wanted," she said.

It's a brand image that is advertised on the company's website.

Tilted Kilt waitresses wear short skirts and small tops.

An emailed statement from a company representative said, "Our hiring and employment practices are in full compliance with all laws. Kilt Girls are the cornerstone of our brand. We specifically cast for entertainers, not just servers. When hiring, we seek entertainer-servers who not only fit the costume, but exemplify a personality and skill set that is friendly, courteous and customer oriented. Based on these qualifications and Sarah Brady's lack of experience in the service industry, we hired the most qualified applicants and she was not offered the position."

"They didn't even interview me," Brady said. "They don't know how experienced I am."

Terrance Robinson, a Houston labor and employment attorney, explains that laws protect people who are discriminated against for race, sex, national origin, religion and disability - but that's it.

"There's no protection under the law for weight," Robinson said. "There's nothing for bald people, short people, heavy people. There's just not protection under the law."

"I hope the next chubby girl, plus size, thick - whatever word you want to use to describe yourself - goes in and interviews with them," Brady said. "And I hope you get the job."