Veterinarians working around the clock to save 2-year-old mutt left to die

HOUSTON – Veterinarians are working around the clock to save a 2-year-old mutt named Sawyer.

The dog is currently at Vergi Animal Emergency Hospital in West Houston, he was brought there by Charlotte Liberda, with the Red Collar Rescue group.

They believe he was abused and left to die.

"Sawyer had to be dumped because he could not stand and he could not walk," Liberda said.

Workers at a business found Sawyer near some bushes two weeks ago in the 6850 block of the North Loop East, they called animal control who turned the dog over to the Red Collar Rescue group to assist with his care and medical bills.

"We literally cried when we found out everything that was wrong him," said Liberda.

Sawyer is extremely emaciated, he came in with sores all over his body, a broken pelvis, dislocated hips, a mass in his colon that's preventing him from going to the bathroom not to mention heart worms and hook worms and other kinds of worms.

The dog also has a bullet lodged in him.

"Clearly he was not taken care of for a long time," said Dr. Jaime Weigel with Vergi Aminal Hospital. "We do a body condition score out of nine. We are classifying him a one out of nine."

Sawyer is getting care around the clock but is not gaining weight and still has a long road to recovery.

The Houston police are investigating this as a cruelty case. Liberda is hoping police will catch the person or people who did this to Sawyer.

"I definitely want to find who did this," she said. "Our hope is someone will recognize him or were around the night it happened and that they will call the police."

In the meantime, Red Collar Rescue continues to pay for Sawyer's expensive medical bills.

If you would like to help you can donate online here or visit this website.