Man claims 911 didn't answer call during emergency

HOUSTON – "I couldn't get a hold of anyone."

Walter Clark was having a bad allergic reaction to something on Wednesday.

He popped an ibuprofen and amoxicillin to help with a toothache. The medicine was provided by his dentist. He said he has taken the medicine before and has never had any problems.

After taking the medications, he started to itch -- badly.

"Started with my hands and slowly go up through my arms and legs. It was so bad," Clark said.

Clark said he couldn't get a hold of his wife.

"Truly at that point I felt like I was a couple of minutes away from passing out," he said.

He decided to dial 911.

A screenshot of his call history shows that he did make the call.

"And I dialed 911 and to my surprise, nobody picked up," Clark said.

"It's like, 'Oh my God, now what do I do?'" he said.

The screenshot shows the call to 911 lasted for 46 seconds, and that's when he hung up.

"I was shocked. Shocked that nobody picked up and shocked that nobody called me back," Clark said.

Houston's 911 call center told Channel 2 someone did pick up -- one second before Clark hung up.

They also claim to have called him back, but the call history in Clark's phone doesn't reflect that.

The 911 call center said there is no time protocol for how long a call can ring.

They said they called him back -- but their records don't show what happened to the call after that.

They said it may have just rang and nobody picked up.

Thankfully, Clark is feeling fine now. He has plans to check up with his doctor just to be sure.

He took some Benadryl and the symptoms went away.

He said he's lucky it wasn't worse.

"Could have turned out a lot worse for someone else," he said.