Man gets 4 life sentences for Houston area crime spree

Randolph Greer's crime spree spanned 6 months


HOUSTON – A North Carolina man has been sentenced to four consecutive life sentences in a Texas prison after pleading guilty to capital murder and other crimes he committed in the Houston area.

Randolph Greer, 43, pleaded guilty Monday in the 228th District Court.

He had been on Death Row until 2011, when the U.S. Supreme Court ordered that he receive a new sentencing trial due to insufficient instructions to a jury.

Greer's crime spree took place in 1991 and spanned six months.

He shot and killed Walter Chmiel, the owner of the Alamo Gun Shop in Bellaire. Greer also abducted and sexually assaulted two Houston area women, robbed from a business and stole a car.

In North Carolina, Greer committed a capital murder, sexual assaults, robberies and a home invasion.

He will be eligible for parole in 2077, when he is 103 years old.