Puppies dumped in Fort Bend County find refuge at Sheriff's Office

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office has an adorable problem: Eleven puppies were dumped Friday morning, and now authorities are hoping to find homes for the precious dogs.

PHOTOS: Puppies dumped in Fort Bend County

Snuggled up in a blanket, their eyes are barely open, eleven little pups were clinging to life by the hands of Ft. Bend County deputies.

"Their body temperature needs to be at least 100 degrees, and they're not," Sheriff Troy Nehls said.

As he talked, Nehls was bending over holding the pup, just a few days old, next to a space heater trying to warm him up.

"We just hope that they all survive.We're doing what we can," Nehl's said.

The puppies endured quite a long night.

"They were so cold," Administrative Assistant Terri Boyd said.

They were left outside someone's home in a tiny cardboard box throughout the cold and dark night.

"When one of the dispatchers took this little guy out, he was pretty much stiff. And I'm an animal lover so I was kind of scared," Boyd said.

A detective, a deputy, a sergeant and a sheriff all huddled together, bottle-feeding life back to the pups.

The sheriff says he can't imagine who would give them up so carelessly.

"Can you imagine someone that doesn't care about animals at all, certainly these puppies? Just dropping them off on the side of the road is very disturbing to me," Nehls said.

The sheriff says they will be spending some time to look into whoever abandoned the puppies.

The Sheriff's Office tweeted photos of the pups, as well as a plea for help when they were found.

“If you can give a Newborn puppy a loving forever home call 832-612-0106 after noon. Serious inquires only!” the tweet read.

On Friday afternoon, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office tweeted that the dogs are headed to a rescue center to be bottle-fed until they are weaned, and then they will be adoptable. 




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