Deputy Greenwood's parking spot transformed into memorial

BAYTOWN – The parking spot where Harris County Precinct 3 Assistant Chief Deputy Constable Clint Greenwood was shot has now become a memorial.

It’s become a space for people to remember, honor and pay their respects to the slain deputy constable.

“He was a just a great man, a good family man, loved his community. I liked going to see him on holidays,” explained Andrew Smith, Greenwood’s nephew.

Whether people knew Greenwood personally, or didn’t, all day people placed flowers at his parking spot.

One man, who did not want to reveal his identity, said he trained with Greenwood and worked with him in Harris County. He placed a cross along with some candles next to the empty space.

“Anytime anything like this happens in Baytown or I would assume any community that it hits you in your heart,” said Hitesh Patel who was born and raised in Baytown.

He didn’t know Greenwood personally, but felt compelled to leave a flower for him.

“He's one of the good guys, so it's always painful to lose one of the good guys,” said Patel.

"One of the things we're doing to make sure we extend Clint Greenwood's legacy,” explained Harris County Precinct 3 Deputy Landon McDonald. “I've designed decals we're going to put on all our police vehicles to show and represent the man that we lost, our boss, our chief, supervisor, friend, and brother.”

Greenwood’s brothers and sisters in blue started placing a green decal in the shape of the fallen assistant chief deputy.

“He always told us, ‘Watch your back if you need anything I got you,' so I think it's fitting that we have these stickers on the back of our police vehicles,” said McDonald.

Crews put up concrete barriers around the parking spot so no one would walk on the temporary monument.

McDonald said they are looking into making it a permanent memorial.

“He was loved by a lot of people,” said Smith. “We’re going to miss you.”