Clint Greenwood: A lifetime of fighting crime

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BAYTOWN, Texas – For more than three decades in law enforcement, Clint Greenwood built a reputation as a smart, dedicated professional who was unfailingly good-humored in a hard business. Monday morning the man who spent his life fighting crime became a crime victim, police said.

When police said Greenwood was ambushed Monday morning, his good friend, prosecutor Jim Leitner, was in court tending to the morning docket when a mutual friend brought him the news.

"I was just totally shocked. I mean, you know, you hear about these horrible things all the time, but somehow you just think that you're immune to it. But you're not," Leitner said.

He rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital to join Greenwood's family, along with dozens of police officers and friends. Shortly after arriving, Greenwood was pronounced dead from a single gunshot wound.

Leitner, head of the District Attorney's Office Intake Division, said he and Greenwood lunched together almost every day. He remembered seeing his friend over lunch last Friday.

"I can assure you he wasn't apprehensive," Leitner said. "He told me about his daughter doing well at Stephen F. Austin University, told me about his son. He looked forward to going deer hunting. Everything he talked about was upbeat."

Word of Greenwood's death spread quickly through the Harris County courthouse, where Greenwood spent much of his career.

He served as a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney's office under Johnny Holmes and Pat Lykos. In between, he entered private practice and worked as a staff attorney for the Houston Police Patrolman's Union, now the Houston Police Officers' Union.