Man duct-taped to sign near Channelview after he apparently lost a bet

HOUSTON – A man was duct-taped to a sign near Channelview after he apparently lost a bet.

Video of the stunt, which happened at Wallisville Road at Beltway 8, shows two men wrapping tape around a third man as he hugs a yield sign pole.

“We’re going to tape this boy up!” one man said in the video as he clapped two rolls of duct tape together.

WARNING: Some of the language may be considered offensive in the videos below.

The original video Instagram:MyHouseIsClean and :MyHouseIsDirty and :Matthew_g94 DONT LOOSE BETS TO DIRTY

Posted by Atp Mike on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The two men are seen circling the pole with the tape, taunting the third man, identified as 17-year-old Miguel Chavez, as they wrap him up while vehicles pass on the busy roadway.

"We flipped a coin, heads was for the pole, tails was to get taped to a car," Chavez said. "I came outside and he had four rolls of duct tape in his hand. I already knew what's up."

When the man being taped was securely fastened to the pole, the two men removed the stool on which he had been standing, and he was left suspended in the air, kicking his feet.

Chavez was taped up for about 30 minutes.

In one video, someone said, after seeing someone with a phone, "They're calling the cops. Ha!" 

The video ends with an ambulance and other emergency response vehicles responding to the man who was wrapped up in tape.

Harris County Precinct 3 said they received a call about the incident, but when a deputy went out they found people already helping him. No one was arrested nor detained.

Roland Zepeda Jr. was one of the men who helped tape Chavez.

Zepeda is no stranger to viral videos. 

He is one of the men who was playing basketball in the middle of the Gulf Freeway feeder road last summer.

The prank landed him in jail for 45 days for obstructing a highway.

"I've been doing things like this my whole life. It ain't nothing new," Zepeda said.

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