Go Tejano Day breaks all-time paid attendance record at Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

HOUSTON – Record-breaking crowds gathered for Go Tejano Day at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Sunday.

RodeoHouston officials confirmed 75,557 people attended the event.

"I can't guess how many people are here because there are so many," 6-year-old Stella Gardner said.

It's tough for all ages to comprehend the number of people in the crowds.

Last week, Luke Bryan had drown the biggest crowd of the 2017 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, with 75,033 people in attendance for his concert.

On Saturday night, the crowds were almost equally large for country music legend Willie Nelson, who helped 75,008 people check his concert off their bucket list.

"It was a very exciting show. Everybody around us, the atmosphere, everybody in the stadium was just going wild," Kendal Mahoney said.

Rodeo Houston said Go Tejano Day is one of their most popular days. So they expected well over 75,000 people for Banda El Recodo and Siggno performances.

"Last year, we broke the [record] for the year before, and so I hope this year more people come out and break last year's record," Tejano fan Katia Hernandez said.

This year, after reports of shots fired at the carnival last Wednesday, with one shell casing confirmed by police, the Rodeo officials say you can expect a security scan at the gate.

Visitors are required to take their cellphones out of their pockets and put them into a tray. Purses must be open for inspection and anything big goes in a tray as visitors walk through a metal detector.

Rodeo organizers said they are the same metal detectors used during the Super Bowl and during every NFL game.