Buc-ee's sues to stop opening of Bucky's stores in Texas

Company plans to open stores called "Bucky's", Buc-ee's said


HOUSTON, Texas – Buc-ee’s is suing a Nebraska company, accusing them of copying their brand.

The company said that Buck’s Inc, a company in Omaha, Nebraska, has teamed up with two developers to begin construction of at least six convenience stores in Texas under the name “Bucky’s.” 

Buc-ee’s said it filed a lawsuit to protect Texas consumers and to prevent the Nebraska company from falsely indicating to the public that Bucky’s is associated with Buc-ee’s.

"Buc-ee's has given customers consistent, high quality food offerings, clean restrooms, a wide variety of merchandise, abundant gas pumps and great customer service since 1982,” said Beaver Aplin, Buc-ee’s CEO and co-founder.

 "Because of our consistent dedication to quality, travelers have come to expect an exceptional experience when they visit one of our locations.  Our customers are the best in the world.  It is our responsibility to protect the trust our consumers have in the Buc-ee’s name.  We must take action to ensure that our brand integrity remains intact and that our customers’ interaction with Buc-ee’s is what they have come to know and expect,” Aplin said.

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