Girl's bicycle stolen from front porch; father makes offer for thieves

CYPRESS, Texas – Riding bikes and competing in triathlons has become a tradition for the Jimenez family, of Cypress.

But some thieves are treading on that family legacy.

Video from the family's surveillance cameras shows a young man walking up to the family's front door on Tuesday and stealing 11-year-old Brianna's bicycle.

In the surveillance video, he even appears to have a smirk on his face.

But this is no laughing matter, and this is not just any bike.

"I learned how to ride a bike on it," Brianna says, with tears running down her face. "Just lots of memories on it."

[WATCH: Stolen bicycle surveillance]

Memories from nearly a dozen triathlons over the past three years.

Harris County deputies say that around 7:15 on Tuesday evening, the thief who stole Brianna's bike and another young man jumped a fence into the gated community of Creekstone Village.

They stole items from other neighbors, as well including purses and wallets, according to deputies.

As the video shows, once they grabbed Brianna's bike, they simply tossed it over a fence and took off.

The Jimenez family isn't looking for trouble. They only want the bicycle back, and Brianna's father even has an offer for the thieves.

"I don't want to press charges," says Brianna's father Pablo. "Just get the items back. And if you need somebody in your life, let me help out."

Anyone with information about the two thieves is asked to contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

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