Over $30,000 worth of bikes stolen from shop

HOUSTON – Surveillance cameras captured a white van pulling up in front of Shama Cycles Bike Shop in the 1200 block of West Loop North on Feb. 28.

The driver got out and appeared to be in no hurry. At one point he moved the surveillance camera on the front of the business so it didn't record what was about to happen.

"He actually removed the glass from the front door, not to break it, so it wouldn't trigger the alarm that way," owner Phillip Shama said.

He said it took the suspect 30 minutes to remove the glass and eventually cut the metal bars on the door, then bend them down.

He crawled through and stole the bikes before he left the same way he came in.

Shama's alarm company notified him of the break-in, but by then the thief was gone.

"He took two bikes that were pretty accessible and grabbed one more and took off," Shama said.

Two of the three that were taken are worth around $10,000 each. Shama said over $30,000 worth of bikes were taken.

Shama wants the bikes back, but he also wants the guy caught.

Paint is missing off the hood of the truck the thief drove; there is no license plate in the front and there is a distinctive rack on the roof.