TSU police chief resigns amid employee's sexual harassment complaints

HOUSTON – Roberta Gibson says she lost her voice for nearly seven years, opting to remain silent in the face of ongoing sexual harassment as a project coordinator for the police department at Texas Southern University.

The alleged perpetrator is soon-to-be former police chiefChief Remon Green.

Channel 2 spoke to Green last year about campus safety but Gibson says the workplace was anything but safe with Green in charge.

She says she dealt with years of harassment but had enough when Green invited her into his office sometime last spring. That was shortly after Green was hired as the school's top officer.

"He pulled out his personal cell phonecellphone and it was a picture of his private area," recalls GibsonGibson recalled. "He had never done anything like that before. Until he became the chief."

A three-month campus investigation concluded that over seven years Gibson had been the victim of sexually overt comments, unwanted advances and hugs, and sexism on a continuous basis.

Rather than face a recommended demotion, loss of pay, or termination, in a statement, the school says Green resigned from the university effective tomorrowWednesday.

In the meantime, Roberta Gibson says aher seven-year ordeal has taught her a valuable lesson.

"I don't have to be subjected to sexual harassment, that I do have a voice," she sayssaid. "I do have a right to work in an area, be productive, and not be sexually harassed by anyone."

Gibson continues to work at the police departmentcampus Police Department. She has hired an attorney who says they will pursue litigation unless the university takes serious measures to prevent sexual harassment insidein the campus police department.

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