Man charged after pregnant woman's body found covered in sheet

BAYTOWN, Texas – A man is facing a murder charge after the body of a woman, whose family said she was pregnant, was found Friday covered in a sheet in Baytown.

The incident was reported Friday afternoon in the 2000 block of Tri City Beach Road.

David Joseph Galindo, of Baytown, is charged with murder in the shooting death of Rose Hunt.

Investigators said the 20-year-old went on a date with Hunt Friday. Prosecutors said that's when he shot and killed the pregnant woman once in the head and left her on the side of Tri City Beach Road.

However his attorney said the allegations do not add up. 

Hunt, 21, was eight months pregnant with her first child, a boy, her family said.

"She was so excited have this baby, and it breaks our heart that we won't get to see her again, or the baby," Hunt's younger sister Bridgette Hunt said.

According to police, a witness saw a vehicle near the body, and police located the vehicle in the parking lot of a restaurant. Investigators said they then traced the vehicle back to Galindo.

Investigators said a witness saw Galindo standing near Hunt's body. Prosecutors said Galindo claims a man in a white van held them at gunpoint and then shot Hunt. 

However, they said he may have robbed Hunt instead.

"Witnesses indicate that he did come back after the offense and was in possession of substantial money," prosecutor Danielle Uher said.

Investigators said Hunt and Galindo knew each other from school and recently reconnected. According to detectives, the pair was on a date Friday.

"I feel like she trusted this guy, she was going on a date with this guy," Bridgette said.

Adding to the family's pain, a bizarre post that appears to be from Galindo's Facebook page was made to a Baytown Facebook group. The message, posted a short time after police found Hunt's body, reads: "What is Baytown coming to body being found everywhere, its' (sic) not the Baytown we grew up in."

This tragedy comes on the heels of another for the family.

"We just recently lost my other sister Brittany a few months ago from a murder," Bridgette Hunt said.

Now, after throwing a baby shower to celebrate a brand new life, Hunt is planning her sister's funeral.

"Rosie never would have wanted this to happen to her or anyone else. She was very sweet. She was just ready to be a mother. She wanted to be happy. She wanted to restart and have her own baby. She was just getting back on her feet," Bridgette said. "She just wanted to live life ,and now she can't because somebody wanted to hurt her."

Police said it is not believed that Galindo is the father of the unborn child.

Galindo, 20, was arrested Saturday. In court Tuesday the judge kept his bond $300,000 because they said they could upgrade the charge. 

“It's being reviewed for capital murder based on the nature of the offense. The two murders, as well as a murder of someone under 10, which would be the fetus in the victim’s belly," Uher said. 

Galindo's attorney says he does not believe his client committed the crime. 

“His facts are crazy. My client I believe is innocent. I don’t believe he did this dasterdly deed. I think the facts will come out and show he did not,” said defense attorney Ken Mingledorff. “The facts are so contradictory that I don’t see how in world they’re ever going to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt and I don’t think we’re gonna get that far in this case.”

Prosecutors said his bond is also increased because they believe Galindo is a flight risk as his family is from another country. 

Hunt's family has started a GoFundMe account.

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