Man sets up Valentine's Day dinner on bridge over US 59

HOUSTON – If you were driving northbound on Highway 59 late Tuesday afternoon, you not only took part in Houston's normal traffic grind, you were able to witness true love.

On a cellphone video shot by a Channel 2 viewer at the bridge just before the downtown/Louisiana Street Exit you can see a table set up with heart-shaped balloons.

It was a couple enjoying a romantic Valentine's Day dinner in the company of hundreds of drivers and passengers.

"I'm just glad that she really loved what I did."

The lover's date was the idea of a Romeo named Alex.

He surprised his girlfriend with not just a romantic stroll across the bridge, but he had a table with balloons and chairs set up for a dinner for two.

[WATCH: Valentine's Day dinner on the bridge]

Alex chose the spot because it's also where the couple had their first date.

He's not only hoping to turn up the fire in his own relationship, he's hoping the gesture encourages others to rekindle their romance.

"I think Valentine's Day is a good reminder."

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