Texas City HS rattled after another student's death

TEXAS CITY, Texas – The family of Bailie Lundy, 15, a sophomore at Texas City High School, is left struggling with her loss.

Shandra Clay, her mother said, "I have four daughters. And it's like my puzzle is broken."

Police say the teen's body was found in a park less than a block away from her home on Sunday and they're investigating the case as a suicide.

Her family says although police believe she may have hanged herself, they add until a full investigation is done, they'll believe otherwise.

"Something else happened, and whether it was an accident or whatever. The Bailie that I know, this is not it," said Clay.

Criston Goss is a close friend of Lundy, and says he spotted the teen's dog on the loose near the park, and moments later -- found her body.

In fact, he says he'd just talked with the family after they returned from church.

"Like 10 minutes later, she's over here and dead. I've never seen nothing like that," Goss said.

The teen's death is the second to recently devastate Texas City high school.

Less than three months ago, police say 18-year-old Brandy Vela, a senior at the school took her own life.

"It's hard to see another friend pass because I was close with Brandy, too. It's sad," Goss said.

As the community continues reeling after the loss of a second student so close together, Lundy's family is only praying for answers and all the circumstances surrounding her death.

"Bailie's faith is so strong, again I couldn't imagine Bailie would do anything like this to hurt herself," said Clay.

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