Fulshear family adjusting to surprise triplets

Family experienced several surprises during pregnancy

FULSHEAR, TX – Conor McClellan was born one month ago and completed the perfect family of four.  At least that's what happened at first.  

On January 6 at 12:33 p.m. the world said hello to Conor. Then, two minutes later, his brother, Kelly, followed. At this point, it was only boys in the family, but that lasted literally one minute because their sister Remi was born at 12:36 p.m.

The babies were born at Memorial Hermann Katy.

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They say good things come in threes right?

"Certainly I don't think excitement was the first feeling," says father Robert McClellan.

"It was just so overwhelming. I just didn't know how we would do it financially. I didn't know how we would do it physically," says mother Lindsay McClellan.

Lindsay and Robert had planned on having just one more child to make 3-year-old Rory a big brother.  However, after taking Clomid, the same fertility drug they used to have Rory, they became part of that small statistic of multiples.  

So what’s a typical day like for this Fulshear family with fresh triplets?

"Well you're outnumbered so it's very different," says Lindsay.

 That means no “shifts” – both parents are involved in every feeding which happen every three hours on the dot.

"The routines are the same it's just there's a lot more of it," says Robert.

Their savior is a formula prep machine to help with the 24 bottles per day.

"A Huggies thing that says one month's supply really is a week's supply for triplets," says Lindsay.

Is it a shelf at Sam’s?  Nope, just their garage.  Fortunately, the McClellans are blessed with friends and family who have created a schedule to ensure someone is nearly always there to lend a hand.

"They come and help feed and change diapers and do laundry, do the dishes because everything is multiplied by three more so your laundry list gets pretty heavy," says Lindsay.

All in all it’s a lot, I mean a lot of unending work but despite the whole thing being a big surprise smiles are all you’ll see around the little ones.

"We're just taking it day by day, and there's been lots of prayers and I'm excited.  You know I never thought I'd have a big family but now we do," says Lindsay.

There is one more surprise that came with having triplets: The McClellans had to get a minivan but unlike the kids, this is a surprise they wish they could give back.

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