Make-A-Wish foundation recipients enjoy Super Bowl fun

HOUSTON – Make-A-Wish America has a handful of wish recipients in Houston for the Super Bowl.

Each of the recipients have life-threatening medical conditions: They're battling surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy.

Today, there was no time for that while they were mingling with professional athletes, signing autographs and giving interviews.

With autographs, games and professional athletes, there's no time to waste feeling bad, because this is where wishes become reality.

"A wish is an opportunity to forget about their illness for a little while and to be able to do something that in some cases these kids have been waiting for a few years," David William, president of Make-A-Wish America, said.

Sultan Shaikh is a recipient.

He was thrilled to be going to the Super Bowl, but surprised us when he managed to steal the mic and get some one-on-one time with Jameis Winston.

His dad says Sultan has had two kidney transplants and that gives him a lot to be proud of.

"You know he's really been through a lot, he's been through two kidney transplants. Mom gave him the first one and then he had to get another one too," his father said.

Sultan is doing well now. He tells me he's taking his dad and brother to the game Sunday.