Courtroom melee breaks out over death of slain Spring woman

HOUSTON – A heated exchange broke out in the courtroom Thursday morning between Hector Campos and the family of the woman he is accused of killing.

At least eight Harris County Sheriff's deputies surrounded the group.

Campos moved away and was seated alone in the jury box.

Campos is accused of firing one shot and killing his 53-year-old neighbor, Ana Weed.

Prosecutor Joshua Phanco said, "All I can say is there was an argument. The neighbor who saw it believes it was over a dog. But I think as information comes out, there will be more to it than that."

Cell phone video shows what happened after the shooting.

Weed was on the ground as neighbors tried to help her.

A neighbor pointed his gun at Campos making sure he did not leave.

Deputies handcuffed him.

Prosecutors will make sure he does not leave the country or the county.

He surrendered his passport and must wear a GPS monitor. Prosecutors said he admitted to shooting his neighbor.

Phanco added, “The connection between the suspect and the complaining witness's family is ... there's a long history. So we want to make sure that history stays preserved. We can go in and look at it and they don't muddy the waters between now and then."

Neighbors said Campos blamed Weed for his wife leaving him.

They also said Campos did not like Weed's dogs.

Charles Johnson, an attorney for the Weed family, said, “There was absolutely no reason for this. And this woman, Ana, and her husband tried to help. And this is what they got for it."