Magnolia residents concerned after deer seen with arrow through neck

HOUSTON – People who live in a Magnolia neighborhood are trying to determine who shot a deer with an arrow after the deer as seen waking around with the arrow sticking straight through its neck.

"We've been out here 20 years and nothing like this has ever happened before," says resident Cami Boyett.

The photos are difficult for some to look at.

Boyett shot the pictures Friday morning showing the deer looking unfazed with the arrow lodged in its neck.

Everyone who has seen the animal in person is wondering how long it can survive.

"She was in the backyard this morning and she was nibbling on a yaupon bush," says Boyett. "She looked like she was able to swallow. So, who knows?"

Deer are part of the landscape in the Timbergreen neighborhood of Magnolia. They are accustomed to their human neighbors.

So the people who live here believe if someone shot the deer illegally they either don't live here, don't know hunting laws or don't care.

The residents are pleading with anyone who may know the person responsible.

"Have a discussion with them and let them know this isn't OK," says Boyett. "The neighbors are concerned."

General deer season in Texas ended on Jan. 1.

However, there are a number of counties, including Montgomery, that have Late Youth-Only Season in which hunters 16 and younger can hunt until Sunday.

So it is not known if the deer was wounded by a hunter or a poacher.

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