Bracing for another hard freeze tonight

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HOUSTON – People in the Houston area woke up Saturday morning to a rare sight in southeast Texas: Ice.

Saturday was the coldest day the Houston-area has seen since January 2014. Many people stopped by the Wortham Fountain on Allen Parkway to take pictures of the frozen ice that covered the structure, after the it was left running overnight.

Crews were out Saturday trying to repair some of the bronze pipes that cracked off. 

Channel 2 viewers sent in photos of fountains across the area that froze overnight. 

“I’ve never seen anything like it, not in Houston anyway,” Damian Ogier, who decided to brave the cold and run along Buffalo Bayou Saturday morning, said.

The icy roads caused a couple of accidents when drivers spun out. Nobody was injured.

On the west side, on Cedar Creek Court, firefighters battled a garage fire Saturday morning after a frozen pool pump overheated. 

“We smelled smoke in the house and immediately grabbed the animals and got out of the house,” the homeowner said.  “Ironically one of my New Year’s resolutions was to clean out the garage, so I can check that off.”

Despite the frigid 20-degree temperatures, the sun was shining all day Saturday, which attracted many walkers and runners along Buffalo Bayou.

“I think I have on four different layers right now,” said MaKenzie Newkirk, who decided to take a walk.