Known gang member accused of robbing seller through Facebook Marketplace, police say

PASADENA, Texas – Here's a cautionary tale for people who plan on using eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook's new "Marketplace" to sell unwanted Christmas gifts.

A 19-year-old known gang member is facing a charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon after threatening a man whom he agreed to meet through Facebook Marketplace.

Police said Mario Borjon, 19, is accused of contacting a man who was offering to sell his Sony PlayStation 4 on the social-media site.

"I'm thinking, 'If I make a move, this dude can kill me,'" said the alleged victim, who asked to remain anonymous.

Borjon told the man he was interested in purchasing the system, and agreed to meet him at the Deer Park Walmart at 9025 Spencer Highway on Wednesday.

"It was broad daylight. There were people around," the victim, 19, said.

The man sensed trouble almost immediately, and within moments, the man whom police identify as Borjon pulled a gun and drove off with the game console.
"He had a gun in my face, there wasn't too much I could do," the victim said.

But the would-be seller did take action, forwarding police details of the Facebook transaction.

It appeared that Borjon used his own Facebook account to set up the robbery, police said.

Deer Park Police identified Borjon from his Facebook profile because he has an extensive history with the Pasadena Police Department, according to court documents.

Police said Borjon is a documented member of the 52 Hoover Crips.

Police showed up Wednesday at Borjon's last known address and found a black truck parked outside that matched the description given by the victim.

Police requested backup officers, but before they could arrive, the truck left the area, according to reports.

Police spoke to Borjon's mother, who told them that her son had left with the unidentified man who was driving during the robbery, police said.

Police recommend internet sellers meet potential buyers in the parking lots of police stations. Many law enforcement headquarters offer specific areas, which are monitored by security cameras, to consummate such deals, including Deer Park Police.

"Just make sure police are nearby," the victim said.

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