Man captured in deadly hit-and-run in Montrose area free on bond

HOUSTON – The man arrested 11 months after a deadly hit-and-run in Montrose is back on the streets after posting bond.

Emmanuel Salgado is charged in the crash that killed Alex Hill, 21, in January.

Salgado was released on $30,000 bond on Thursday.

Hill's father is outraged that Salgado is back on the streets.

"The real people who are responsible for this are the judges. They had the final say on what they bond amount was and they should be held responsible for that type action,” Michael Hill told KPRC Thursday morning.

Hill was hit and killed while walking across Westheimer Road at Taft late at night on Jan. 8. Houston police said Salgado ran a red light and left the scene of the crash.

Hill, 21, was new to Houston. He had just relocated a few months ago from South Carolina.

Days later, police made an arrest but later dropped the charges against that person, because they said they had the wrong guy.

Salgado was arrested and charged Wednesday with failure to stop and render aid.

"He hid his crime on purpose," said Michael Hill, Alex's dad, who spoke to KPRC from his home in South Carolina. "That's just heartbreaking to think how that person tried to evade law enforcement for the number of months that he did.”

Salgado's next court date is scheduled for Jan. 9.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Hill family.