Deputies dig deeper into couple who imprisoned 7 special needs children

HOUSTON – Fort Bend sheriff’s investigators are digging deeper into the past lives of Paula Sinclair and Allen Richardson. The Richmond couple is accused of imprisoning seven special needs children inside a filthy, stinking bedroom with locked doors.

Now Channel 2 Investigates has learned an 8th child, a 7-year-old boy named Jaden Sinclair also lived in that Richmond home, a boy who died on Jan. 30, 2011, reportedly of natural causes.

Now, after considering the matter and checking past police reports, the Fort Bend County sheriff has decided not to reinvestigate that boy’s death.

“There is no need, we did a very thorough investigation, the medical examiner, the justice of the peace, death investigators, and we did not find any foul play," Sheriff Troy Nehls says.

The day that boy died, investigators say he was suffering from cerebral palsy, blindness, he could not talk, was bedridden and was being fed from a feeding tube above his bed.

The boy died right there at the home before he could be transported to a local hospital.

As for the conditions Sinclair and Richardson are accused of putting those other seven children through, Channel 2 Investigates got a more realistic picture of that today.

“Just horrible, here you have seven kids confined to one room, there’s black mold, detectives stated there were rodents or cockroaches, insects, things of that nature, just horrible and not suitable for even animals," says Nehls.