Protesters claim Dollar Tree sells toxic products

HOUSTON – A protest of a Dollar Tree Store in Baytown featured Christmas carols with a toxic twist.

A group of protesters gathered outside the store on Garth Road south of 146 today to address the issue of toxic products believed to be sold at Dollar Tree.  Not everyone knew what to make of it but the group had a message.

"We want healthier solutions," the crowd of about 40 protesters chanted.

The Baytown protest was one of several dozen that took place outside Dollar Tree stores across the country. 

The action stems from recent reports of the store selling products that contain toxic chemicals and protesters believe 'tis the season to spread awareness.

"We're out here telling them, 'hey, we want you to fix this,' says protester Chrome Salazar.

The group is responding to reports over the past few years that claim that in exchange for cheaper prices Dollar Tree and other dollar stores are selling products that contain toxic substances.  One report stated the number was as high as 81 percent.

"I want to buy toys for my little baby brother who's 5 years old," says Salazar.  "But because they contain certain chemicals now I'm not able to purchase these products."

Channel 2 spoke over the phone to a Dollar Tree spokesperson who told us, "We are extremely committed to our customers' and our associates' safety and we work constantly to ensure our suppliers' products are compliant and safe.  

"We have very robust and rigorous testing programs, which include working with independent testing organizations to ensure our suppliers' products meet all safety and legal standards."

The protesters also delivered a letter to the manager of that Baytown store. 

The letter urges Dollar Tree to sell safer products during the holiday season.  The protesters asked the manager to forward the letter to corporate headquarters.

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