Kim Ogg ousts Devon Anderson in Harris County DA's race

HOUSTON – Kim Ogg emerged at her watch party, Tuesday night, brimming with confidence as the early voting numbers were released, paving the way to a decisive victory.

Timing her victory speech to coincide with the beginning of 10 p.m. local newscasts, Ogg claimed victory with barely 60 percent of the vote tallied.

"It is a new day for justice in Harris County," Ogg proclaimed.

Ogg claimed victory without receiving a concession call from Devon Anderson.

"No she didn't call. But I do want to thank her for her service. This election brought a lot of important issues to the forefront," Ogg said.

Ogg said in her first 100 days she plans to "get a grip" on the scientific evidence, including untested rape kits. She also said she aims to divert low-level offenders from serving significant jail time, and clear the jail of mentally ill inmates.

From the moment early voting results were announced, Anderson faced an uphill battle in the bid to keep her position.

Ultimately Anderson lost the race to Ogg.

During a 40-second speech at her election night party, Anderson neither formally conceded nor congratulated Ogg. Instead, she praised the prosecutors in her office.

"Prosecution is a calling, it's a calling to seek justice and it does not change with who the district attorney is. So please keep doing what you're doing, please keep making us proud everyday, please keep fighting for justice," Anderson told supporters.

Anderson spent a large chunk of her campaign defending her office's decision to jail a rape victim to ensure her testimony. Anderson stood behind the decision, saying it was a difficult decision under terrible circumstances. Anderson said the testimony helped secure a life sentence against a serial rapist.

Ogg seized on a wellspring of public criticism directed at Anderson and made attacking her office's decision to place a rape victim in jail a cornerstone of her campaign.