How will warm weather impact deer season in Texas?

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HOUSTON – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department remains optimistic for the upcoming deer season, despite the warm temperatures we are seeing in most of the state.

The TPWD pointed out that temperatures were in the upper 80s and 90s from Amarillo to Austin during the archery-only deer season in October, which may have hampered hunting for bowhunters. But biologists maintain that prospects remain excellent heading into the general rifle season opening day on Saturday.

“I’m still expecting an excellent deer season,” said Alan Cain, TPWD deer program leader. “It has been warm and a bit dry in October, which may have impacted early MLD (Managed Lands Deer) harvest and archery harvest. The deer are still there but some of the hunters I talked to said it wasn’t much fun sitting out in 80-90 degree weather, especially the afternoon hunts, so they’re waiting for the cooler weather. I expect hunting to pick up in November as cooler temps become more of the norm.”

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, extended forecasts call for a reversal in weather patterns by mid-November. But in the short term, hunters are even looking forward to the small reprieve that could come in parts of Texas this weekend with moderate temperature drops.

The general deer season opens statewide Saturday, Nov. 5 and runs through New Year’s Day in the North Zone and through Jan. 15 in the South Zone.