Canceled play leaves Alvin High School students perplexed

ALVIN, Texas – A high school play is now at the center of a controversy, and the third of three scheduled performances was canceled by the district.

Alvin Independent School District said the subject matter involved in the play called "The Wondrous Strange" was too mature for high school students and younger kids.

But some parents were left frustrated by the move, saying the district had already approved the play.

Tracy Radogna, the mother of a student in the play, said, "They said and did everything the same both nights. So I could see how much they worked to remember everything. So I was very sad and upset that it was canceled."

Rodogna's son, Dominic, performed in the play on Thursday and Friday, but then got the news that Saturday's show had been called off.

Dominic said, "We were all pretty upset. There were actually a few people crying about it because, like, the seniors -- this was their last fall show."

In a statement by the district, school officials said in part:

"... it was decided that the mature portrayal of various social phenomenon, including references to death, suicide, drinking and insinuations to prostitution were not fully in alignment with the values of our district and community."

Tracy said, "I think if the kids were OK doing that kind of scene then it should've been OK with the community. If someone was in there watching it and they didn't like it, they could leave."

Dominic said despite the dust-up surrounding the play, he won't let it discourage him from doing plays in the future.

"Like, this didn't completely ruin the experience of it, just that last day of it. But I definitely want to do more plays at the school," said Dominic.

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