Woman intentionally run over 4 times by former co-worker, police say

San Juanita Herrera is listed in critical condition

HOUSTON – Houston police have found the truck that was involved in the case of a woman who was intentionally run over four times by a former co-worker late Sunday night, police say.

Police said the victim, San Juanita Herrera, suffered lacerations and head trauma after a driver hit her several times with his gray 2000 Nissan Frontier pickup truck with a camper at 6767 Long Drive near Telephone Road in southeast Houston.

"What we have basically we have a witness out here who after the young lady was ran over she asked her who did this to her and the young lady told her a former co-worker of hers," Sgt. Joshue Horn with HPD's homicide unit said.

Herrera's son, Michael Hernandez, said his mother rarely came outside after 7 p.m. and never after dark.

"She hates being alone. She hates the dark and keeps to herself," he said.

Hernandez said he doesn't know why she was with a former co-worker Sunday night and he doesn't understand why someone would try to kill her.

"He was trying to kill her. It was no doubt about it," witness Pshanna Crane said. "We saw her running and the car hit her from the back, behind and ran over her.

"She was just screaming for help. It was terrifying," witness Alean Driver said. "She said exactly who he was. She gave his exact location. It's a tragedy. I pray that she pulls through."

Officers are currently looking for the former co-worker. He is described as a Hispanic male, 50-to-60 years of age.

"We have a person of interest we're looking for. witnesses out here have been able to give us a tentative license plate," Horn said. "We haven't been able to really confirm the license plate or the suspect at this time, but there are some good leads we're working."

Herrera, believed to be in her late 30s, is listed in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.

"She has to have surgery on her pelvis because it was broken in a few places. They're going to fix it," Hernandez said.

Anyone with information in this case is urged to contact police at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.