Houston radio host's daughter found safe

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HOUSTON – Radio host Joe Pagliarulo took to the airwaves to let everyone know his 16-year-old daughter who went missing Friday was found safe this morning. 

Joe Pagliarulo, known as Joe Pags to listeners, is heard in Houston on KPRC AM 950.

He stated on his Facebook page that his daughter Gabby was found near the border of Mexico. 

The older man she was believed to be with is allegedly in custody, according to Pagliarulo. 

The Pagliarulo family is based near San Antonio, and that’s where Gabby was last seen on Friday.

According to Pagliarulo, Gabby was taken to the hospital to get checked out, however she is OK.

Pagliarulo said his family is headed down to the border to pick her up and bring her home.