2 stabbed to death during fight involving security guard

HOUSTON – A fight between a security guard and five men in northwest Houston Friday night left two men dead and one hospitalized, police said.

Police said an on-duty security guard for the Cancun Apartments asked five men to leave the complex on Wirt Road around 10:30 p.m. Friday.

Residents said some of the men lived at the complex and some didn't. Police said the group refused to leave and a fight broke out. Punches were thrown and three people were stabbed, including the security guard.

"There was a fight between about five people and a security guard. The security guard ends up in the hospital and two people are dead," Rhonda Pemberton, with the Houston Police Department, said. "We were advised by some witnesses that a security guard approached four to five males, asking them to leave."

Police said the guard drove himself to the hospital, and that he'll be OK. However, two people died.

"Basically we were sad because he was nice with us," resident Daphne Garcia said.

She said she knew the 16-year-old victim, Alex Silva. Police have not confirmed his identity.

"He (Silva) took care of us. He made sure no one messed with us. He was a nice guy," Garcia said.

Residents said the other victim who died was 21, but did not live at the complex. Police have yet to determine who stabbed who or who threw the first punch.

A witness we spoke with said no one in the group hanging around had a weapon, which is another detail yet to be officially ironed out.