Teens arrested in BB gun attacks in Sienna Plantation area

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – Fort Bend County sheriff's detectives arrested a pair of high school students Friday and charged both in connection with a recent spate of BB gun attacks in Sienna Plantation. Investigators said since Aug. 19th there have been incidents of people being shot, threatened or had their property vandalized with a BB gun.

KPRC 2 first reported the story Sunday night about the six different incidents over a nine-day span in the Sienna Plantation area.

"People do want to feel safe," said Det. Scott Heinemeyer. "They shouldn't be subjected to being shot, whether it's a BB gun or a firearm."

Detectives said the teens gave "incriminating statements" after being arrested. Heinemeyer said there was no real motive behind the attacks and no rhyme or reason as to who was targeted.

"It sounds like whoever was an easy target, which, in this case, involved 12-year-olds riding bicycles," said Heinemeyer.

List of the six incidents:

  • Aug. 19: A male victim was riding a bicycle and was struck by a BB or pellet in the leg.
  • Aug. 22: Perpetrators threatened a young male victim with the gun, and shot three times in the air.
  • Aug. 23: A man was shot in the shoulder while walking his dog.
  • Aug. 27: A female victim was walking on a trail when she was approached and threatened with a gun.
  • Aug. 27: In the afternoon, a boy was threatened while riding his bike.
  • Aug. 27: In the evening hours, a 12-year-old was shot with a BB gun on the left side of his body.

Both teens are students at Ridge Point high school and live in Sienna Plantation. Noah Bruck, 18, was arrested at school and charged with terroristic threat. Nick Stabler, 17, was arrested at his house and charged with injury to a child. Stabler's case involved a 12-year-old being shot with a BB.

Sheriff Troy Nehls was direct when he said the teens ought to thank his detectives for arresting them before these pranks turned into something more serious.

"You don't know what type of weapons these individuals are pointing at you, under the cover of darkness," said Nehls. "At the wrong individual, knowing how Texas is on their Second Amendment rights, someone could have been justified, possibly, killing them both."

Detectives said the investigation is not over because they believe more people are responsible for these attacks.