7 spas alleged fronts for prostitution, Harris County attorney says


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Seven Harris County spas have been closed because they were fronts for prostitution, according to Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan.

Judge Jeff Shadwick signed a temporary injunction on Monday, closing the businesses as common nuisances.

The spas are located throughout the county:

  • “A” Spa and New Haven Spa, both on the Gulf Freeway
  • Mam Spa and Paris Spa on Westheimer Road
  • Oak Spa on Richmond Avenue
  • 249 Spa on State Highway 249
  • JC Spa on Hillcroft Avenue

The judge ordered the owners of four of the retail centers where the stores were located to stop leasing space to spas, massage establishments, and sexually oriented businesses, to perform background checks on future tenants and to install cameras on their properties. 

Owners of the shopping centers and the spas were ordered to post $5,000 bonds each to insure their compliance with the court order.

“These so-called ‘spas’ are well known as fronts for prostitution,” said County Attorney Ryan. “Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their tenants are operating legal businesses and we will hold them to that.”