3 family members dead after horrendous accident on I-10


HOUSTON – A Houston family's road trip ended in tragedy Sunday.

Six members of the Gallow family, along with five friends, set off for Six Flags in San Antonio, but their SUV went out of control and rolled on I-10 at mile marker 652, near Flatonia.

All of the sport utility vehicle's occupants were ejected.

Shakneaqui Gallow was killed along with her husband, Melvin, and their son, Melvin Jr.

Their three daughters -- Makayla, Laquinta and Mariah -- are alive, but in critical condition.

Members of the family said they're not prepared for the long road to recovery.

"It's a lot, it's a lot. They don't only have to worry about the expense of the medical bills, the expense of rehab, therapy from trauma, and the emotional stuff," Melvin's sister said.

The family said it will use donations to help with funeral costs, and the hospitalization and rehabilitation of Makayla, Laquinta, and Mariah. Click here to donate.