Case against man accused of impersonating cop dismissed

Blake Griffin says he has 'entire thing on video'

HOUSTON – The case against a Baytown man who authorities said claimed to be a police officer during an argument Sunday at a Taco Bell was dismissed Wednesday morning.

Houston police said that 32-year-old Blake Griffin got into an argument with an employee who was taking his order, shouted racial slurs and said he was a police officer. They said employees called 911 and when officers arrived, Griffin admitted to making the claims.

Griffin was charged with impersonating a public servant.

However, the charges against Griffin were dismissed during a hearing Wednesday.

After the hearing, Griffin told Channel 2 that he never claimed to be a police officer during the argument with a worker who had gotten his family’s order wrong. He said the worker shouted racial slurs at his family and made references to recent attacks on police officers. He said he defended police during the argument.

“I had the entire thing on video,” Griffin said. “Police refused to watch the video on scene. They told me to tell it to the judge. Well, the good thing is that when I told it to the judge, he saw the real facts of the case.”

Griffin said that he has been overwhelmed with messages from family and friends who were wondering what happened. He said he’s relieved the case has been resolved.

“This has been very trying for me,” Griffin said. “I support our police. I back the blue. They have such a difficult job.”

Griffin called the whole situation unfortunate.

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