Texas group helping new business owners become millionaires

HOUSTON – Debbie Saviano is a former high school principal, and now she’s a social media expert.  She hasn’t struck it rich yet, but she’s happy with her new career path.

Saviano is joining together with multi-millionaires Linda McMahon and Stacey Schieffelin to inspire women through Women’s Leadership Live.

Life wasn't perfect when McMahon was the CEO of wrestling empire WWE, along with her husband Vince.

"Actually, when I started with Vince, I used the name Linda Kelly.  I didn't use my name Linda McMahon because it really wasn't as acceptable that your wife was working with you," McMahon explained. "We went bankrupt, we lost our home, my car was repossessed in the driveway.  We were really down to having lost everything. I was seven months pregnant with our second child," she added.

And you'd think Stacey Schieffelin had it made as a super model with 45 magazine covers.  But she says her ex-husband lost everything she made.

"And millions of dollars are gone and you are saying, how do I make it back?" Schieffelin said.

Schieffelin rolled up her sleeves, put her hair up in rollers and began selling her YBF beauty products on the home shopping network.  She bounced all the way to the top again with a new husband.

"So you better have a darn good story that makes somebody pick up a phone and buy something they can't touch, feel, taste, or smell.  It's got to be compelling.  It's all about the story. We're storytellers," Schieffelin shared. 

Women's Leadership Live works to inspire and educate women about how to launch and grow their own business. The group holds a huge annual event that includes keynotes, panel discussions, and group workshops. The goal is to raise confidence and build leadership skills.

The event helps women to connect with influential business leaders, learn practical business techniques and find motivation and empowerment. It includes keynotes, panel discussions, and group workshops. The event aims to raise confidence, build leadership skills and provide advice for achieving goals. Speakers will discuss issues facing women today, financial literacy, negotiation, communication, decision-making, analytical thinking, organization and leadership.

The programs are designed to empower women to use their skills to advocate for themselves, create opportunities and innovate, encouraging attendees to expand female entrepreneurship and success. The next Women's Leadership LIVE event is from October 13th to October 15th at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT. You can find more information and register for Women's Leadership LIVE here.