Astrodome: Houston architect shares new idea

A-Dome Park

HOUSTON – What will happen to the Astrodome? That's been the big question for Harris County, but two Houston architects recently shared a new idea for the 8th Wonder that they hope will resonate with Houstonians.

According to an article on The Urban Edge, architects James Richards and Ben Olschner came up with a new concept on what to do with the Astrodome called the A-Dome park. Instead of an indoor park or event space, as previously proposed, Richards and Olschner would like to see it stripped down to its bones.

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In January, county commissioners voted to have a county engineer look at the space below the Astrodome to be used for storage or for 1,200 extra parking spots.

Richards said the significance of the Astrodome is in the structure, and the A-Dome park idea will help preserve that and highlight the innovative engineering. He said the concept promotes public health, low-cost maintenance and enjoying the outdoors.

Richards said he respects Judge Ed Emmett and the commissioners for their ideas on what to do with the Astrodome, but he said it is not sufficient nor unique.

Though it might be a long shot for this concept to happen, Richards and his partners just hope county officials and the Texas Historic Commission consider the idea.

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