Machete-wielding intruder killed in brawl with armed homeowner, police say


HOUSTON – Houston police are investigating after a homeowner stabbed and killed an accused intruder in a fight involving several weapons at his residence in south Houston.

According to police, a homeowner returned to his house around 2 a.m. Sunday to find a man he didn’t know sleeping in his bed. Police said the house is located behind a business in the 18200 block of the Gulf Freeway.

Officers said the homeowner confronted the unwelcome man and was attacked.

The man choked the owner and repeatedly shot him in the head and body with a BB gun, investigators said. In self-defense, police said the homeowner pulled out a pocket knife and started fighting back.

Investigators said the man responded, grabbing a machete from inside the house and tried to cut the owner.

The owner managed to break free from the man, who was now injured, police said. The owner told the man he was going to get help and ran out the house.

According to police, paramedics with the Houston Fire Department arrived and pronounced the man dead at the scene.

Houston Police Department officials said the case is being referred to the Harris County grand jury.