Humble ISD defends hiring of new superintendent, despite parent outcry

HOUSTON – Dr. Elizabeth Fagen has 20 years of experience in education, including eight as a superintendent. 

The school board says social media played into the “controversy” surrounding the recent hiring of her as Humble Independent School District's superintendent. Parents were reading things about Fagen on Facebook and Twitter that simply were not true.

This afternoon, concerned parents protested in front of the Humble ISD building -- angry over the board's appointment of Fagen -- which becomes official on June 14.

"What concerns me about Dr. Fagen's appointment is all of the controversy she is bringing with her," one parent said.

Specifically, parents point to school vouchers, teacher merit pay and charter schools as things they don't want to see in Humble ISD, but fear Fagen supports.

“They’re more a reflection of the policies of Colorado and that school board,” said current superintendent Dr. Guy Sconzo, who is retiring.

The Humble ISD board adopted a resolution in May in opposition to vouchers.

Parents asked for answers to why Fagen was hired.

Tonight they got their response. 

The Humble ISD school board meeting started with a nearly three-hour presentation defending their decision to appoint Fagen and using data to back that decision up.

Board member Keith Lapeze made it clear -- Fagen has a proven track record with student performance, balancing budgets and managing this size school district.

Current Superintendent Guy Sconzo told Channel 2, the search for his replacement was exhaustive.

"I really have a lot of faith in our board and the process that was used, I think they came out of this process united on who the next superintendent should be."