Neighbors helping neighbors escape flood waters in Richmond

RICHMOND, Texas – Several roads in Richmond remained blocked off Thursday night, forcing many residents to use high trucks or boats to get to and from their homes.

Fast moving water blocked the entrance to the Rio Vista subdivision off 359. 

“It just happened all of a sudden and we weren’t expecting it,” said Faychele Banks.

For Banks, the flooding brings back bad memories. 

“We came over from Hurricane Katrina so I don’t like going through this sort of thing again,” Banks said.

Fortunately neighbors like Miguel Carrasco are helping people out. Carrasco drives a 15-inch high pickup.  “I’ve been helping people out, making trips to the grocery store three times a day,” Carrasco said.

Natalie Brown lives in Pecan Grove. She paddled a boat over to the River’s Edge neighborhood Thursday evening to see if anyone needed help. 

“It’s no good, it’s really bad and really sad to see it,” Brown said.  “I’ve been living here for 20 years now and never anything like this.”

So far the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office has made about 600 rescues. 

Folks living in Richmond are suffering a bit of misfortune this week.

An already drenched neighborhood along a swollen Brazos River was pounded with rain Thursday morning and expects even more until the end of the week.

"It's scary," said Alma Sandoval, a resident. "I mean, because I've never in my life seen something like that happen in here."

"This has never happened before, so we're seeing a historical event," said Nathan Young, another resident.

Fort Bend County said more than six feet of water have fallen, a number that's only going to rise.

Roadways are flooded and state troopers have closed part of Highway 90 between Harlem and Pitts roads. More than 70 roads have been closed by the county.

"We're still kind of worried about it," said Felix Gonzalez, a resident.

Officers and emergency crews want drivers to be careful on the roads and homeowners to evacuate if the water gets any higher.

"We're just going to have to sit back and wait and see how long the weather takes to recede," Young said.​